Thank you for reaching out to DC Slices, one of the district’s first food trucks and one of the top 100 in the nation!
Depending on attendance and how many pies you would need, our catering rates start at $900 and include the truck, staff and enough pizza for roughly 120 to 160 slices and will keep the truck on site for 90minutes.
This amount does not include, drinks, side items, extra pies or additional time for the truck to be on site or any mileage outside the beltway.

If you would like a more detailed quote, We would need the following information.

Address of event
Start times for service
Number of Guests
Would you like side items available (tater tots $3per, Chicken wings 6 for $6, Mozzarella sticks 5for $5)
Would you like drinks to be available  (Canned soda and bottled water $1per and we buy back any unused drinks)
Any other information you would like to include.
Please E-mail us this information: